We make digital offers POSsible

Convenience retailing has stagnated due to the industry’s rigid POS systems. Convenience stores should have access to thousands of digital products and services from the POS, but this hasn’t happened… until Cullinan.

Point of Sales Digital Offer Orchestration Platform

Connect any POS to any digital product or payment

Overcome the No.1 challenge obstructing convenience store growth, POS paralysis. Our orchestration platform provides an end-to-end solution for integrating digital offers into a POS menu. 

Simply, quickly, guaranteed.

What’s the opportunity of unlocking digital services and payments in-store?

Offer more, sell more, and increase footfall. Provide customers with instant access to an endless aisle of digital offers and entice them to come back into store, all from your existing POS. 

Point of Sale reduce counter time

Reduce workload at the counter. 

Enable fast self-service customer experiences on a mobile or kiosk and quick counter transactions.

Point of Sale reduce transaction costs

Reduce transaction costs.

Gain payment approval from payment vendors and bypass expensive credit card payment rails.

Point of Sale automated compliance for digital products and services

Automate compliance, reconciliation and fraud protection.

Automate complex integration and transaction requirements, such as compliance, reconciliation, personalisation, fraud protection, and customer support.

Attract new customers in convenience stores

Attract new customers,
at scale.

Our network of 30 pre-integrated vendors, such as MoneyGram, Incomm, Blackhawk, ePay, DVS, Givex, and Ria, is eager to access your convenience store network and drive customers straight into your store.

How it works

Our orchestration platform provides an end-to-end solution for integrating digital offers into a POS menu. By managing these offers directly through suppliers’ digital interfaces, the platform ensures customers have instant access to hundreds of offers including personalized gift cards, barcoded payments to money transfers and more.

Add digital offers to POS

Add digital offers

Retailer adds digital offers to their existing POS, simply and quickly through the Cullinan platform.

POS universal adaptor for digital offers

Managed direct

Cullinan universal adaptor integrates and manages digital offers directly through suppliers digital interfaces.

Customer access to digital offers in convenience stores

Customer access to digital offers

Customer has instant access to 100s of digital offers through self-service on a mobile or in-store kiosks, or order direct at the counter. The customer order experience can be tailor made for each digital offer across phone, kiosks and your counter.

POS on screen prompts for digital offers

Customer service

Customer visits convenience store counter where store clerk finalizes the purchase through easy on-screen prompts, with each step guided by the Cullinan Platform.

POS payment and back-office automation

Compliance, payment and reconciliation

Cullinan automates and completes payments and complex back-office compliance, fraud protection, support and regulatory requirements specific to each digital offer.

POS digital offer record of transaction

Digital Product Delivery

Cullinan platform approves transaction and store clerk finalizes delivery of digital offer to customer. Record of transaction is automatically reconciled with retailer POS eliminating complex end of day procedures for store staff and managers.

One System, Infinite Potential

Amplify your POS and start offering thousands of digital products and payments.

POS Digital Paymets


POS personalised products for digital offers


Digital services for POS


Financial services in your existing POS


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