Your POS,

Connect any POS to any digital offer.
Simply, quickly, guaranteed.

Your POS,

Connect any POS to any Digital Product.
Simply, quickly, guaranteed.

Amplify your POS to offer digital services and payments.

Overcome the No.1 challenge obstructing convenience store growth, POS paralysis.

Our orchestration platform provides an end-to-end solution for integrating digital offers into a POS menu. 

All from your existing POS. Simply, quickly, guaranteed.

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Add digital offers to POS

Add digital offers to your existing POS, simply and quickly

POS universal adaptor for digital offers

Our universal adaptor integrates and manages each digital offer

Customer access to digital offers in convenience stores

Give customers instant access to 100s of digital offers

POS on screen prompts for digital offers

Easy on-screen prompts guide convenience store staff in transaction

POS payment and back-office automation

Payments and complex back-office compliance are automated

POS digital offer record of transaction

Deliver digital product to the customer with record of transaction

Offer more, sell more.

Discover our breakthrough approach

Cullinan allows you to offer thousands of digital offers through a single interface. Integrating with your existing POS system, it empowers you to complete counter transactions in under a minute, even when an offer needs kiosks, mobile phones, POS, printers and online supplier integrations.

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An endless aisle of digital offers.

Provide customers with instant access to an endless aisle of digital offers and entice them to come back into store, all from your existing POS.

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POS personalised products for digital offers


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